Thursday, 23 April 2015

Visit at Akamas area, Part 5, The Botanical Garden

The Akamas Botanical Garden 

As we described on our previous story were we visited the Aphrodite's Baths, one has to go through the Botanical garden were a big variety of local plantation is being hosted. Some of those flowers and plants are located exclusively in that area. 

Thus any visitor can now observe and become familiar with all the beautiful flowers and plants of Akamas and Cyprus. The garden expands all around the area of the Aphrodite's Baths. Like us, many other nature lovers visit the Botanical garden were they can spend a couple of hours learning about the plants and of course visiting the Aphrodite's Baths.

The location of the Botanical garden is just near the main road when you travel from Latchi village towards Neo Chorio, thus making it easy to find and access. No entrance fee is required and of course you need to follow the regulations prohibiting the cutting of the flowers. 

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