Monday, 29 July 2013

The Holy Stone of Saint Sozomenos, Gerakies village, Marathasa Valley, Nicosia

 The Holy Stone of Saint Sozomenos 

After we passed the village of Gerakies at Marathasa valley on our way to Kykkos Monastery, we noticed a sign indicating the presence of the Holy Stone of Saint Sozomenos!

It was the first time we came across the existence of such a place and we were eager to found out more.

A little bit later we found the location of the stone and had to walk up the stairs to the mountain peak to see it.

Once we got there, we saw the Holy Stone with an image of Saint Sozomenos on one side. It was clear that many people stop at this location to pay a visit and pray.

Saint Sozomenos is a local Saint who has performed many miracles. It is said that in the past women would take their ill children there to be cured.

Today many people, locals and travellers, still go there to visit the Holy Stone and if you happen to be in the area you can do the same.


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