Saturday, 18 October 2014

The abandoned Verengaria Hotel at Prodromos village, Limassol

The abandoned Verengaria Hotel at Prodromos

A visit at Prodromos village is not complete without passing by the famous abandoned hotel of Verengaria!

Prodromos village which located at Troodos mountains is a very popular destination specially in the summer time due to its good climate.

The Verengaria hotel was built at the early 20th century and soon became famous around the middle east! It was a truly a unique hotel with top of the class facilities and service which along with its architecture and location boosted its fame.

The hotel had a night club, huge dinning rooms, playgrounds, casino, bars and other extras which added to its success as it was a pioneer for that time.

Its famous guests like Pharouk, the King of Egypt and Ezer Vaisman president of Israel along with the elite of the business and show world of the time, gave the hotel the nickname "Hotel of Kings"!

The name Verengaria on the other hand was the name of the queen of Navarre(Berengaria), and wife of Richard the Lionheart, King of England. They got married in Cyprus on May 12, 1191.

Verengaria's management the next decades did not manage to keep its glory and for various reasons the hotel closed down. Despite the interest form various parties to restore the hotel the past years nothing has been done.

Today the Verengaria is an attraction for locals and tourists all year round.


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  2. I've never heard about this place before! Thank you so much for telling about so many interesting and truly secret cites of Cyprus. Personally for my Cyprus is all about the paces listed here. But now want to see with my own eyes this mysterious "hidden" Cyprus. Thanks for inspiration! By the way, what is your most favorite "secret" place? Where should I start my journey?