Monday, 20 April 2015

Visit at Akamas area, Part 4 - Aphrodite's Baths

Visit at Akamas area, Part 4 - Aphrodite's Baths

After we left behind us the Tower of Rigena it was time to visit one of the most famous places in the Akamas area, the goddess Aphrodite's Baths!  

The Baths of Aphrodite are located inside the botanical garden which hosts a variety of flowers and trees. In just a couple of minutes walk from the entrance of the botanical garden one will arrive at a small cave covered with plantation. 

Inside the cave water is running continuously like a small waterfall which forms the place where Aphrodite according to the legend used to bathe! 

Aphrodite and her lover, the handsome Adonis (son of the King of Pafos, Kinyras) used to take their bath together at that spot were another story says that that is where they first met while Adonis was hunting. 

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