Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Removing Curses at Saint Kyprianos Church, Menico village, Nicosia

Removing Curses at Saint Kyprianos Church at Menico village 

It was the first time we were visiting Menico village which is located just outside Nicosia towards Troodos mountains.

One thing that Menico is famous for is the Church of Saint Kyprianos. Kyprianos is one of the most common names in Cyprus which also states the importance of the Saint in our island.

Saint Kyprianos is known for removing curses and relieving people from bad spirits. For that reason many people visit the Church of Saint Kyprianos in Menico.

The local priest will perform a small ceremony were he will read a prayer for you and your family to relieve you from bad spirits. After the short ceremony he will give you a small piece of cotton with oil to take with you.

We were not only impressed by the number of people who visit the Church but also by the big percentage of foreigners who know about the Church and go there.

Lucky for us we were just in time that Sunday because the priest stays there until 18:00.

Our experience was unique and we recommend that you visit Saint Kyprianos regardless if you feel depresses or cursed!

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