Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Monastery of Saint George Alamanos, Monagroulli-Pentakomo, Limassol

The Monastery of Saint George Alamanos 

The Monastery of Saint George Alamanos is located near Monagroulli and Pentakomo village very near to the Nicosia-Limassol highway and the seaside. 

We passed there several times and a couple of weeks ago we decided to visit it. As we found out it was the first officially recognized women's Monastery in Cyprus! Although the Monastery is very old and many monks have lived there, it was abandoned for sometime until Nun's started leaving there. 

Saint George Alamanos was one of the recorded 300 Christians who came to Cyprus from Palestine looking for a safe place to live. Him along with others lived in the caves in the surrounding mountains. .     

Our visit was late in the afternoon and the Monastery was open to the many visitors who went there to pray. The main Church, which is dedicated to Saint George Tropeoforos, was open for us to visit but none of the Nuns was there at that time. A small store is always open were you can buy books and other things regarding the Monastery.

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