Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Easter 2015, Archimandrita village, Pafos, Cyprus

Easter 2015 at Archimandrita village

Easter is probably the most important celebration for Christians around the world, and what a better way to spend it with family and friends at beautiful village in Cyprus. 

There is indeed a huge difference when you are in a village to spend Easter time for so many reasons... Tradition comes to life as each family member will play their part into making those days feel special! From the baking of "Flaounes" (traditional Easter delicacy) to coloring the Eggs, participating in the Saturday night's service and enjoying the next day with a rich meat oriented meal after 50 days of fasting. 

Easter is time for families and friends coming together remembering what is really important in life! 

We spend this season's Easter holidays mainly at Archimandrita village enjoying a very nice service until 2 o' clock in the morning at the Church of Saint Theodosios  and afterwards an exquisite "magiritsa" soup at my aunt's house and of course honoring the tradition of braking the eggs we colored just a day before.  

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