Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Visit at Akamas area, Part 3 - Rigena's (Queen's) Tower

Visit at Akamas area (Part 3)

After our visit at Saint Minas church were we took many photos of the beautiful flowers we continued our journey deeper into the Akamas peninsula. 

Next stop was the Rigena's (Queen's) tower! Our route was difficult and took some time for us to get there. But once we reached our destination it was all worth it. 

Rigena's tower is now ruins of what use to be a summer house of one of Cyprus's queens in the middle ages. The place is very beautiful as it is inside the forest and not very far from the sea. Very near we found a river with running water and a place to rest. 

The river begins just in front of a huge and very old oak tree. The oak tree provides perfect shade during summer time for any visitor. 

After we got some rest and our lunch we walked for a while through the Adonis trail. Adonis was the lover of Aphrodite in ancient mythology and the story says that this was one of their favorite places!

 After our short walk it was time for us once again to continue our trip to the next destination.

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