Monday, 23 March 2015

Visit at Akamas area, Part 2 - Neo Chorio, Pafos


Visit at Akamas area (Part 2)

After Latchi the next stop to our expedition at Akamas was the village "Neo Chorio". At Neo Chorio we visited the small Church of Saint Minas just outside the village. 

Our purpose was not only to visit the Church, but to take pictures of the many small flowers that flourish in the area during spring. 

Akamas is well known for its beautiful flowers and the spectacle can be quite amazing for any visitor! This time of the year is usually the best for such a trip.   

The Church of Saint Minas was open for us to visit and light a candle. On one side of the Church was the valley with the sea at the far end. 

On the other side was the forest of Akamas and the beautiful flowers in a variety of colors that you really feel what spring is like! Just make sure you take a good camera to take photos (we used a Pentax camera courtesy of our new imaging sponsor). 

An important thing to remember is never to cut or destroy the flowers as it is an offense with big fine. Take care of this beautiful environment the best way you can. 

(The Church of Saint Minas) 

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