Monday, 16 March 2015

Visit at Akamas area, Part 1 - Latchi, Pafos

Visit at Akamas area

Akamas area is one of the most important areas in Cyprus and hosts a big number of plants, animals and birds. Its importance is also geological and physio-graphical. 

Recently we organized a two day trip to see some of the beauties of Akamas and share it with our friends. Our starting point was the village of Latchi were we met with other friends early in the morning to begin our tour. 

At Latchi we had the chance to see the beautiful sea and beach which is a very popular destination for locals and tourists. Latchi village is at the very beginning of what is called Akamas area. 

The weather was perfect, and after a few photos we begun our trip to see more of Akamas and of course take photos and videos. An important thing to any trip to Akamas is to use an SUV car as family cars will not be able to go through the country roads in the area. For us it was the Audi Q7 Quattro.  

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