Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The ancient Kourion, Limassol (Part 2)

The ancient Kourion (Part 2) 

Exploring Kourion and learning about its history and artifacts gives you a whole new perspective of things.

The connection between culture, religion, history, practicality and technology is simply stunning.

The first mosaic shows a woman holding a measuring instrument and the word "KTISIS" around her which represents the creation of the world!

The house of "Eustolios" is yet another of the findings in Kourion. It was the house of a rich man, probably a very important one too, and dates back to the 4th - 5th century A.D. Some of the mosaics in the house provide evidence that he was a Christian! Around the house the famous baths are found, a place of calmness for the owner and his guests.

One of the inscriptions states that Eustolios had helped restore the wealth and importance of Kourion after an earthquake damaged the area.

We wondered around Kourion reading even more inscriptions and learning more about its history for a long time. Our next stop, just a few meters away was the famous Kourion theater!

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