Monday, 30 June 2014

The ancient Kourion,Limassol

 The ancient Kourion

Cyprus is a beautiful island with one of the oldest civilizations and history on earth!

One of the most important places to visit once in Cyprus is the ancient "Kourion" near Episkopi area in Limassol.

At Kourion traces of civilization have been found as far as 4,500-3,900 B.C. !!

At around the 13th or 12th century B.C. settlers from Greece arrived mainly from Argos - Pelloponisos forming their own city kingdom. The very famous ancient Greek historian Herodotus states evidence of that fact.

Legend says that Kourion was named after the son of Kyniras king of Pafos.

Today the whole area of Kourion has to show important evidence of that era like the ancient theater, the baths and other areas with great importance like the beautiful mosaics.


  1. That's such an amazing place! Really worth a visit. Mosaics and ruins are very well preserved and have stunning views! What are you favorite archaeological sites of Cyprus? You may click here to read more about the places I dream to see with my own eyes one day.