Friday, 4 July 2014

The ancient Kourion Theater, Limassol

The ancient Kourion Theater

Our next stop while visiting the Kourion settlement was the famous theater which is just next to the main city.

The Theater is in a great condition and operates every year especially on the summer season with many performances taking place such as theatrical plays, concerts etc.

The Kourion theater is build similarly to other ancient Greek theaters and provides a unique experience to anyone who has the opportunity to see a performance there. Its location gives a superb view of the sea making the experience of any spectator even better.

It was constructed at the 2nd century B.C. and improvements were made at the second century A.D. The Theater can hold up to 3,500 spectators!

During our visit we had the opportunity to watch the rehearsals of an opera show that was going to be performed the very same night. We took the opportunity to sit there and enjoy it as much as we could!  

If you happen to visit Cyprus do not miss the chance to watch a performance at Kourion. It is highly recommended!!

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