Friday, 17 January 2014

The old Monastery of Saint Savas Karonos (Part 2), Pafos

The old Monastery of Saint Savas Karonos (Part 2)

Walking around the area of the old Monastery of Saint Savas "Karonos", we got the impression that the ruins we were seeing constituted a great monastery once upon a time!

On the opposite site where we parked our car we found the main entrance of the old monastery. Above the entrance is the date 1929. We do not know what that date means since the monastery is much older.

Just beside the entrance we found the old water tub in a marble and stone construction . The architecture of the buildings is very beautiful and it is still visible that on its peak the monastery was very unique!

The thick plantation did not allows us to go inside the rooms but we noticed the existence of  fireplaces.

The overall constructions covered the 3 sides of the monastery and one side was left for passengers to approach freely the Church.

For us it was an impressive tour already and we would like to see at some point a restoration of this important-in terms of history and religion- site!  (end of part 2)

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