Thursday, 16 January 2014

The old Monastery of Saint Savas Karonos, Pafos

The old Monastery of Saint Savas Karonos

While staying on Archimandrita village during our Christmas holidays we did not miss the opportunity to visit the Church of Saint Savas "Karonos".

We had seen the sign indicating the location of the Church many times when driving from Maronas village towards Trachypedoula. We decided though to take a different route which is between Archimandrita and Mousere village.

The road was all the way a country road and it took sometime to get there but it was exciting none the less!

Once we got there we were very surprised of what we found! A beautiful medieval Church in the middle of nowhere standing tall against time.

Walking around the Church we saw a few things that draw our attention like the face above the door, the marble carvings and the indications with details about the Church's restoration.

As we found out later on the Church was part of a Monastery which was originally found around the 12th century.

Since then it has undergone many restorations one of them under the care of King James the Second, the last Roman Catholic King of England and Scotland.
Gladly for us the Church is open for visitors and we had the chance to go inside (end of part 1).

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