Friday, 30 August 2013

The monastery of "Panagia Sinti", Pafos

The monastery of "Panagia Sinti"

The monastery of "Panagia Sinti" (Holy Mother of Sinti Monastery) is located near the village of Salamiou in Pafos. Our day trip though has led us there from the opposite side. 

After we left Panayia village we went to Pentalia and from there on we took the old road through the valley towards Salamiou. Somewhere in the middle of the route we found this beautiful and very well restored monastery! The restorations made, have been awarded by Europa Nostra in 1997!

Just beside the monastery is the well known river of Xeropotamos. The name of the monastery ("Sinti") has been borrowed by a small rive side of the area. 

The monastery is dated back in the 15th century, although accurate data do not exist to know its correct construction date. Historic mentions though, say that the monastery of "Panagia Sinti" was one of the important in the area of Pafos. The monastery was still operating until 1927. After that, no one has ever returned, but this may change in the future.   

For sure, this is a place we highly recommended you visit at least once! 

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