Friday, 2 August 2013

The archaeological area of "Pano Mantilaris", at Alassa village, Limassol

The archaeological area of "Pano Mantilaris"

During our visit at the Kourris dam , we explored the area around, but little did we know of what we would discover.

A small sign indicated the way to an old archaeological site and we followed the narrow path. A little later we had reached the area of "Pano Mantilaris".

The area was closed to public, and we understood that it was left that way for a very long time. The plantation could not let us any closer as it was blocking the path. Unfortunately for us there was not even a sign to read what it was all about.

Later on we discovered that this site is one of the most important in Cyprus as it is dated back to the copper age!

We can only hope that the authorities will soon change this policy and upgrade the area so it will be accessible to visitors.

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