Monday, 15 July 2013

Church inside the Kourris Dam, Limassol

Church inside the Kourris Dam!! 

Travelling near the Kourris dam was not the first time for us. It was though the first time we explored the area. Kourris is the biggest dam in Cyprus and is located in Limassol City.

Getting near Kourris we came across a Church inside the dam! This was a big surprise for us as we did not expect to see such a thing.

The Church was part of the community of Alassa, a village that is located on the other side of the road. Many years ago the village was moved from its original position so the dam could be constructed.

Nobody though dared to destroy the Church so it was left in its original position. Now according to the rainfalls, one can see part or most of the Church especially during summer time.

The overall scenery around the dam creates a unique atmosphere for spectators who wish to see such a spectacle!

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