Sunday, 19 July 2015

Expedition at Xyliatos-Kapoura route, Pitsilia area, Nicosia Part 1

Expedition at Xyliatos-Kapoura route

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and we decided with some friends to travel the route from Xyliatos dam towards Kapoura. 

The Kapoura route is well known as it usually used for the Cyprus rally but there are many different points to go in and out. 

Our first stop was the Xyliatos dam which we have visited many times in the past. We were more than happy to see that the winter and spring rains filled the dam to its maximum level! It was a beautiful scenery marking the course of the day! 

Our next stop was the medieval bridge just before the "Vrysi tis Shyftis", a very old water source on the way to Saranti village.  The bridge is hidden under a newer one which leads to the Church of "Stavros Agiasmati" on the other side of the mountain. 

Beautiful flowers covered the area around and we wondered for a while in admiring the scenery. 

A little later we even spotted a very old building, probably a safe house or barn, which was destroyed and covered with plantation, a sign of another era were locals used to visit the area to hunt or feed their animals. 

Now it was time for us to move as a few minutes away we would enter the Kapoura route for the very firs time!

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