Saturday, 27 April 2013

I Vrysi tis Shyftis, Xyliatos - Saranti village route, Nicosia

"I Vrysi tis Shyftis"

Going to Saranti village in Pitsilia area is a usual trip for us. A well known and an easy route to follow is from the village of Agia Marina towards Xyliatos and then you reach Saranti village.

On that route you will not miss this old water source called "I Vrysi tis Shyftis". What is not well known though is the source of its name and the story behind it.

As told by my grandfather this source is a very old one dating back more than 100 years. Once upon a time there was a big tree near the water source that was bended (Shyfti), and in times of bad weather conditions the nearby farmers or hunters would go there to protect themselves and their animals from the rain.

In 1978 the source was renovated but for the past appx 15 years no water is running. Α nice place to stop by for a few moments and relax.

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