Friday, 2 January 2015

A Miracle of Saint Helen at Saranti village, Pitsilia area, Nicosia

A Miracle of Saint Helen at Saranti village

On our last visit at Saranti village, Pater Christodoulos (the local priest) showed us the 16th century Church of the village of Saints Constantine and Helen (see story here)

While we were there he told us a story that happened very recently about a miracle Saint Helen performed.

A young woman from the village had cancer a few years back. Her faith was deep and she was praying to Saint Helen to help her get better. Saint Helen appeared on her dream and told her that she would soon get better because she was a true believer. She also told the woman she wanted something in return.

Once the woman recovered a few months later, Saint Helen appeared again on her dream and asked her for the return. She told her that her Church was not baptized (a ceremony performed on all Christian Churches) and she wished that this was done soon. The woman told Saint Helen's wish to the local priest at the time. The priest was probably scared to check if that was true since it was uncommon for such an old Church not to be baptized.

So they called for the Bishop of Morfou area, where the Church belongs too, to verify. The Bishop indeed confirmed what the woman told them about Saint Helen's request.

In 2005 the ceremony was performed and the Church of Saint Constantine and Helen is now baptized as it should have been centuries ago!

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