Monday, 24 November 2014

The Church of Saints Constantine and Helen, Saranti village, Pitsilia area, Nicosia

The Church of Saints Constantine and Helen, Saranti village

Saranti village is definitely one of our favorite destinations for all sorts of reasons. It wasn't though until very recently that we found another one.

The local priest-Pater Christodoulos, gave us the opportunity to visit the small Church of the village that is dedicated to Saint Constantine and Saint Helen. The story of the two Saints is very well known especially in Cyprus as they passed from our island, on their way back to Byzantium ,from their visit to the Holy Places to recover the Cross that Jesus Christ was crucified.

The Church as we were told dates back to the 16th century! It looks more recent though due to the renovation that took place in the 1960's.

Inside one can clearly see some of the well preserved wall paintings one of which is of the two Saints holding the Holy Cross! The template is wooden craft with some old and some new images of Saints.

If you happen to visit the village or you are in the area we suggest a visit at this beautiful Church!

In order to visit the Church one must find Pater Christodoulos who lives in the village.

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