Monday, 1 September 2014

The Church of Saints Gerasimoi, Agros village, Pitsilia area, Limassol

The Church of Saints Gerasimoi

At our recent stay at the beautiful Agros village we visited the newly build Church of Saints Gerasimoi.

The Church is dedicated to two Saints by the same name-Gerasimos.

Saint Gerasimos from Kefalonia had origins from the family of Duke Lucas Notaras from Constantinople. He lived during the 16th century and founded a monastery at Kefalonia in 1559. He died in 1579 and his body is preserved in excellent condition until today! His memory is celebrated on October 20.

Saint Gerasimos Iordanitis was born in Minor Asia on the 4th century and came from a wealthy family. At a young age he denied his belongings and wealth and became a monk. Saint Gerasimos is always pictured with a Lion besides him. The story says that the Saint treated a wounded Lion and since then the Lion followed him and obeyed him. Saint Gerasimos died in 475 at a very late age. Story says that the Lion died soon after just beside his grave. His memory is celebrated on March 4.

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