Monday, 16 June 2014

Festivities in Pafos for the Holy Spirit Day

Festivities in Pafos for the Holy Spirit Day

The Holy Spirit Day is one of the most important religious celebrations in Cyprus. Throughout the island people celebrate the day usually by going to the seaside.

Early in the morning people would go to the Service which is usually held near the sea or dam to bless the waters and later on the local festivities or "Panigiri" as it is called.

The most well known "Panigiri" is held in Larnaca, Protaras and Pafos. This year we visited the one in Pafos.

Thousands of people gathered in the area of the Pafos marina were all sorts of kiosks were set up for the festivities. The traditional "Kazanti" (one of the most famous local games), along with other games entertain both children and grown ups for hours.

The "Lokmades" is a must try local desert once you are in the Panigiri and of course your chance to purchase some nuts and "Soutzoukous" to take at home!

After a few hours of fun, drinking and eating we listened to some of the local musicians signing their "Tsiatista" (local traditional singing were singers have to improvise their lyrics in a rhythm) and concluded a nice day in the best possible way!

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