Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A visit at the "Rose Festival" (Part2), Agros village, Pitsilia area, Limassol

Rose Festival at Agros village

After our long walk visiting the kiosks at the "Rose Festival" it was time to visit the "Rose Production Museum".

Inside we saw many tools used in the past by locals to collect the roses. we also saw some of the old machinery of distilling and bottling the rose water.

On the next room though the more modern machinery and equipment were on display showing the transition of the production to the modern age.

A traditional "Lambikos" (shown below) was the most common way to distill and it is still used at home of some locals.

Moving to the outside area of the museum one of the local rose water producers was exhibiting the whole process of producing and distilling for visitors to see.Using a traditional "Lambikos" he was distilling rose water and at the same time explained to the spectators the "secrets" of his job.

At the end of our tour we bought a couple of rose-water bottles to take with us. Its most common use especially in summer time is a zip inside the traditional "mahalepi" desert!


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