Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A visit at the "Rose Festival", Agros village, Pitsilia area, Limassol

Rose Festival at Agros village

This time the weather was perfect and we decided to visit again Agros village and its famous "Rose Festival", which takes place every May for a whole week, for many years now!

Agros village has been known for decades for producing rose water and other products based on roses like rose squash drink, beauty products, candles and much more.

The special kind of rose suitable for this occasion is found throughout the village but it is only collected during early morning hours when its aroma is at its peak and with special care!

At the festival though someone will find more than rose-based products. It is an opportunity to see many other products which are produced locally like the famous sausages, zivania and much more...

The various small kiosks gave us the opportunity to meet some of the locals and their products well enough before we approach the heart of the festival which was the "Rose Production Museum"  (to be continued)  

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