Thursday, 23 January 2014

Chapel of Saint Kendeas at Kyperounda village, Pitsilia area, Limassol

Chapel of Saint Kendeas at Kyperounda village

Kyperounda is the largest village in the area of Pitsilia in terms of population and we were very happy to be there.

One of the first things to see once you are there is the old Sanatorium which now operates as a hospital too.

Just a few years ago a small Chapel dedicated to Saint Kendeas was built there.

Saint Kendeas live in Cyprus for many years and performed many miracles, curing people who were ill.

Although he lived mainly in Pafos he became well known around Cyprus. The Chapel is one of the very few one can find dedicated to Saint Kendeas!

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  1. Athena,thank you for posting this. Saint Kendeas is special to me! I wrote about him in my first children's book, a true story about my grandmother called, Under the Grapevine, A Miracle by Saint Kendeas of Cyprus. I am intrigued that there are now at least two other Churches dedicated to him in Cyprus, this one and one at Paphos. Are there any others? Chrissi