Friday, 20 December 2013

Snow at the Medieval Bridge in the route Xyliatos-Saranti, Pitsilia area, Nicosia

Snow at the Medieval bridge near Saranti 

After we left the Xyliatos dam on our way to Saranti village, we just had to visit the Medieval bridge which was on our way.

Located just before the water source "Vrysi tis Shyftis" , the bridge is hidden under a more modern bridge which will take you deep into the forest and up to the old Church of "Stavros Ayiasmati"!

Lucky for us the snow was still covering the bridge and the surroundings and we had the chance to see something really unique!!

The river was flowing, the trees were covered in snow and some icebergs on the leafs and the bridge completed a nice picture which we were experiencing for the first time!

It is a spectacle we highly recommend you visit if you love nature and history!

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