Friday, 8 November 2013

Saint Andronikos and Saint Athanasia Church, Kalopanayiotis village, Marathasa valley, Nicosia

Saint Andronikos and Saint Athanasia Church at Kalopanayiotis

At the narrow streets of Kalopanayiotis just opposite the old slaughter house we found one of the important and old Churches of Kalopanayiotis.

The Church dedicated to Saint Andronikos and Saint Athanasia. At the moment the Church is under the protection of Cyprus Antiquities Authorities.

One of the most fascinating things about the Church is the icon of the two Saints which was stolen in 1936 but was recovered after it was tracked in New York 70 years later!

Unfortunately during our visit the Church was closed and we didn't have the time to ask someone to let us in. We will though return another time to learn more about this Church and its stories.

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