Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Archaeological site near Souni-Zanakia, Limassol

Archaeological site near Souni-Zanakia

It was time for us to return home after a long weekend in Pafos.

Using the high usually holds little to no surprises for anyone. Yet after we passed the tunnel we took the exit to Souni-Zanakia village.

We had no reason to take that exit to be honest, we just did because we missed the previous exit that would lead us to Kourion.

After a while we decided to visit Souni-Zanakia anyhow and see what that place had to offer. We followed some small signs indicating that an archaeological site existed just outside the village.

A few minutes later we found ourselves at the top of a peak with a small archaeological site in front of us. Unfortunately there were no signs to tell the story of the ruins and their importance.

We can only speculate that either a temple or a small community was established there thousands of years ago!

The position of the site was excellent as it was facing the sea of Limassol and the view was simply amazing that afternoon with the sun giving a beautiful orange colour on the valley behind us.

We left the place with a sense of satisfaction that we discovered something we did not expect. The trip back home with the new Skoda Rapid was as exciting as the day we had. Our driving partner gave as the most relaxing and comfortable experience!

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