Monday, 4 November 2013

Images from the Monastery of "Ioannis Lambadistis", Kalopanayiotis village, Marathasa valley, Nicosia

Images from the Monastery of "Ioannis Lambadistis" at Kalopanayiotis 

It was a long day for us exploring Kalopanayiotis village, but it was exciting as always!

A visit at the monastery of  "Ioannis Lambadistis" is always something we look forward too. This time we had the chance to take some nice pictures outside the monastery.

The priest that lives in the monastery was more than happy to talk to us and explain a few things about the developments around the monastery but also about religious issues.

He was also more than happy to let us take his picture with the promise that we will take him a copy next time we are there!

If you happen to be visiting the monastery we recommend you ask him to tell you the story of the buildings and the Saints that made their name synonymous with Kalopanayiotis.

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