Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Images inside "Panayia Araka", Lagoudera village, Pitsilia area, Nicosia

Images inside "Panagia Araka"

A visit to the monastery of "Panagia Araka" is something unique for us. Fortunately we visit it a lot since we often go to the nearby village of Saranti.

"Panagia Araka" is one of the protected Churches by UNESCO in Cyprus, and declared a world heritage site. It was constructed at the 12th century and that makes it one of the earliest Churches in Cyprus.

Fortunately most of the beautiful wall paintings have not been destroyed and are in a very good condition. During the Ottoman reign in Cyprus most of these Churches have suffered destruction of their images specially in the faces of Saints.

One of the very rare things one can see at "Panagia Araka" is an image above a door of the Holy roof tile!

Very few icons can be found inside the Church, most are wall paintings and show representations of Saints and the life of Jesus like his resurrection  and baptism.

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