Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Saint George Church at Trozena village, Pafos

Saint George Church at Trozena 

As we promised ourselves, we returned back to Trozena village to see the Church.

Lucky for us it was open so we could see it also from the inside. Soon we discovered that it was dedicated to Saint George.

As we entered the Church we realized that there was no electricity! So we had to use matches to light up the candles and see more.

The icons, although not of any historical value, were painted by the monks of Stavrovouni Monastery which has its own unique style. This style we have found in some other Churches around Cyprus.

A small sign on the wall indicated that the Church was built in 1885. Probably the village was at its peak at the time, with many residents and economic activity! Another sign told us that it was re-innovated 30 years with the efforts of the same family that helped built it in 1885.

Now it is clear, that although the village is abandoned, someone still takes care of the Church.

As we stood outside, we watched the sun disappearing behind the mountains on the background, and the canyon spreading below our feet. The cool air and the silence of the moment was exactly what we needed to complete our visit.

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