Friday, 26 July 2013

River at Kalopanayiotis village, Marathasa Valley, Nicosia

River at Kalopanayiotis village-The place Saint Heracledios was baptised

After visiting the Church of "Ioannis o Lambadistis" (Saint John) at Kalopanayiotis, we noticed that we could visit the river just near by.

Going down the stairs to reach the river we didn't know how important that place was. A small sign indicated that in this specific place Saint Heracledios was baptised by Apostle Barnabas in 45 A.C.

So there was an unknown story for us but very important for Christianity in Cyprus.

Needless to say that the scenery was very beautiful and we had the chance to take some very beautiful photos and videos of the river and the small frogs that live inside.


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