Friday, 11 September 2015

Expedition at Xyliatos-Kapoura route, Pitsilia area, Nicosia Part 3

Expedition at Xyliatos-Kapoura route Part 3

As we went deepest and deepest into the forest following the Kapoura route we thought it was time to rest for a while. As we walked around the area we heard the sound of water and immediately we started searching for a river. 

A few moments later we found a small river running on the side of the road that we could barely see. So we had to climb carefully down the small cliff to get a better view.

Once we got there we took our time to admire the beautiful scenery with bizarre rocks, high trees, and the river in the middle, all very colorful and calming!

As we noticed the river runs through the forest  along the way but we are not sure where it ends. If you follow our route make sure to look for the river as it is a very beautiful one!