Sunday, 14 June 2015

Oroklini Lake, Larnaca

The Oroklini Lake, Larnaca 

The Oroklini Lake is very near the main city of Larnaca with easy access. We decided to visit this very important place of the natural environment of our island a Sunday afternoon and learn more about it. 

Oroklini Lake is a salt marsh and is one of the few natural wetlands in Cyprus! What we see today is just a small part of a much bigger lake that was spread across the area. Despite being the smallest NATURA 2000 protected area in Cyprus more than 190 birds have been recorded at the Lake!  

It is also very important for migratory birds like Flamingos that come here to breed. 

The LIFE Oroklini Project 2012-2014 has contributed significantly in enhancing the wetland's biodiversity as well as raising awareness among the public for conservation issues.

Our short trip at the Oroklini Lake was very educational and we recommend it for all nature lovers.

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