Thursday, 30 October 2014

Holy Relics of Saint George Tropeoforos

Holy Relics of Saint George Tropeoforos

Saint George is one of the most well known and most celebrated Saints of Christianity.

A few days ago while we were in Pafos we've heard that his "Kara" (Scull bones) would be exhibited to the Monastery of "Panagia Salamiotissa" at Salamiou village.

Thus we did not miss the chance to visit the Monastery and see the Holy Relics.

Saint George called "Tropeoforos" was a Christian who served in the army under the Byzantine Emperor Dioklitianos (Diocletian)  around 300 A.C. He managed quickly to rise in the ranks of the military and became one of the Emperor's favorite soldiers.  After Dioklitianos  turned against Christians, Saint George revealed his Christian faith and was arrested and tortured until his death. His memory is celebrated on April 23.

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