Friday, 11 July 2014

The Church of Ayii Anargyri, Miliou village, Pafos

The Church of Ayii Anargyri

We heard many recommendations about the Church of Ayii Anargyri at Miliou village in Pafos and we decided to spend a weekend there exploring the area.

Miliou is a very small village in Pafos and very easy to find. We followed the road from Mesoyis avenue towards Panagia village and 25 minutes later we arrived.

The Church of Ayii Anargyri is at the entrance of the village and is now part of the complex of Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort were we chose to stay.

Our host, Ms Eva, was more than happy to tell us the story of the Church and the Saints Kosmas and Damianos.  The two Saints were brothers who came from the lands of Syria to spread the word of Christianity. Their deep belief and medicine knowledge made them quickly popular for healing people around the island.

When they arrived at Miliou village they discovered the sulfur springs of the area and their healing power and they helped many people recover from various diseases. They never took money or anything in return so they were named Ayii Anargyri (Saints without money).

On 1649 a Church was build near the Sulfur springs at Miliou to celebrate their memory. Later on, a small Monastery was established but it was abandoned on the 19th century.

The memory of the two Saints is celebrated twice a year, on July 1 and November 1.

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