Monday, 17 March 2014

Old Mill at Archimandrita village, Pafos

 Old Mill at Archimandrita

Our last expedition at Archimandrita was about to end with a visit at the Mill of the old settlement.

Our friend Christodoulos told us that the Mill at some point belonged to his great great grand father but it was not constructed by him. The Mill was a few hundreds year old!

The thick plantation did not allow us easy access but as we were told the Mill is now under restoration and within the year it will be easier to visit and in a better condition to explore.

As we approached near the Mill we were able to see an emblem on one of the walls which probably belongs to the medieval age and the Crusaders! This emblem is unique among Mills throughout Cyprus and adds more interest on this sight.

We look forward to our next visit when the Mill will be restored and be something worth viewing as part of our history!

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