Monday, 3 March 2014

Monument of Grigoris Afxentiou at Machairas, Nicosia

Monument of Grigoris Afxentiou at Machairas

Moving towards Nicosia through the mountains of Machairas we drove just above the monastery of  "Panagia Machairiotissa".

On that location is the Monument dedicated to Grigoris Afxentiou. Afxentiou was the second in command during the EOKA struggle who gave an epic battle on March 3 1957 against the British troops on his hideout and died at the age of 29.

His sacrifice became synonymous with heroism of the highest degree and he is considered a national hero.Every year his memory is celebrated with a reenactment of the battle at the same location where he died.

The statute at the shape of an eagle symbolizes both the will for freedom but mostly the nickname given to Grigoris Afxentiou "Stavraetos tou Machaira" (Eagle of Machairas)!

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