Thursday, 27 March 2014

Climbing at Hasanpoulia stones, Prastio-Kidasi village route, Pafos

Climbing at Hasanpoulia stones

It was a yet another beautiful day in Pafos and our tour included a visit at the stones of Hasanpoulia.

As we approached the area we realized that many people were approaching the biggest rock of the two from above.

We decided to follow them and found out that between that rock there is a spot for people who like climbing. It must have been around 30 or more people from different countries, all of them well equipped with the necessary gear.

Many of them were already climbing the rock on both sides with the rest either assisting them or just waiting for their turn!

For us it was the first time to found out that the stones of Hasanpoulia were used for this purpose. Perhaps next time we give it a try!  

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