Monday, 17 February 2014

The Church of Agios Georgios at Chandria village, Pitsilia area, Limassol

The Church of Agios Georgios at Chandria

Our second stop at Chandria village was the second and oldest Church of the village, Saint George.

Its location is more central but also smaller than the Church of Archangel Michael. We couldn't get inside but walking around the Church the forst thing we noticed was the location of the bell.

The bell is found on a tree under a wooden construction with a ladder to help reach it!

Next to the Church we also found the statute of Stylianos Lenas, the local hero of the 1955-59 struggle. It is the second statute we found on the village and the fourth in total in our expeditions!

Just behind the Church of Saint George we found the old cemetery, a common thing around almost all villages we have visited thus far. The uncommon thing though was that the crosses with the names and dates of the deceased were metallic ones.

It was the first time we came across metallic crosses on the graves. As we later found out this was a common thing a long time ago.

It was time for us to leave and continue our expedition. Little did we know what was expecting us in a while!!

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