Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Church of Saint Arsenios at Kyperounda village, Limassol

 The Church of Saint Arsenios at Kyperounda

Once we left from the Sanatorium of Kyperounda village our next stop was the impressive Church of Saint Arsenios.

Definitely one of the biggest (if not the biggest) in the area of Pitsilia.

The Church of Saint Arsenios is a very newly constructed one and not entirely finished yet project, which first appeared as an idea around 70 years ago!

The design of the Church is based upon a traditional 5th to 6th century style found around Cyprus and this is clearly both to the exterior and interior of the Church.

Saint Arsenios is one of the new Saints of Christianity who lived in the 19th to 20th century performing many miracles at the area of Cappadocia where he lived for many years.

Our visit was brief as the Church was closed but some other time we will visit it again.

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