Thursday, 12 December 2013

Walking in the streets of old Nicosia

 Walking in the streets of old Nicosia

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and we thought it would be great to take a walk on the streets of old Nicosia.

The old part of Nicosia, which is within the Venetian walls, has transformed the past couple of years from a declining territory into a place full of life mainly due to the cafeterias and restaurants.

Walking in the streets of Nicosia one can still admire the traditional houses of the 19th century with their dates engraved in the metal frame just above the wooden doors.Some have been well restored but some have been abandoned for years.

One thing is for sure, the city has its own unique character and the blend of cultures along with the contrasts of the new additions vs the old buildings and signs makes it something very special!

We walked around the many small alleys which seems like a labyrinth for many hours and it is true what they say that you do not really know your city until you walk it.

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