Monday, 9 December 2013

The Monument of Hero Elias Papakyriakou, Nicosia

The Hero Elias Papakyriakou 

Elias Papakyriakou is one of the many heroes Cyprus has given birth to.

A fighter for the freedom of the island, Elias Papakyriakou fought and died during the 1955-1959 struggle against the British colonists.

He died on September 2 1958 at one of the most heroic acts of the EOKA struggle.

Along with 3 more friends (Fotis Pittas,  Christos Samaras and Andreas Karyos) they were surrounded on a barn, in Liopetri village, by the British troops after a long period of manhunt. The four of them gave an epic and uneven battle until they were killed by the bullets of the British troops.

"I will live a free man or I will die fighting" is written on the monument!

The monument is found in the area of Egkomi in Nicosia near the Cyprus exhibition centre.

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