Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Images inside the Church of Saint Constantine, Souskiou village, Pafos

Images inside the Church of Saint Constantine

It was the second time we visited the Church of Saint Constantine just outside the village of Souskiou.

This time we spend some more time taking a closer look at the inside of the Church. The wall paintings, which are really beautiful, barely show some of the most important events of Christianity.

One of the wall paintings shows the "Last Supper" and another the resurrection of Lazaros.

Some others show images of Saints, but of course in the situation they are now we can not understand who they are. The only one we can be sure of is Saint Constantine with Saint Helen holding the Holy Cross!

At the side exit of the Church we saw a Cross on the ceiling.

It is indeed a beautiful Church and we do hope that it will be soon restored to preserve a part of our history!

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