Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Holy body of Saint Neofytos Egklistos, Pafos

 The Holy body of Saint Neofytos Egklistos

During our visit at the Monastery of Saint Neofytos Egklistos we had the chance, even for a little while, to watch the ceremony of the day.

After the ceremony we had a few moments to see the inside of the Church.

We were fascinated when we saw the Holy body of Saint Neofytos which was placed in front of his icon inside a silver coffin.

The story of Saint Neofytos is a very fascinating one as he did not only created the monastery and helped spread Christianity but he also published 16! books about spiritual life which made him the most important author of the medieval ages in Cyprus.

The Holy body of Saint Neofytos has been kept intact for almost 800 years and people from around the world gather to the monastery to pray and ask for help.

We definitely recommend a visit to the monastery for many reasons but this is something truly unique!

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