Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Walking inside the forest of Kalopanayiotis, Marathasa Valley, Nicosia

Walking inside the forest of Kalopanayiotis

After our visit at the watermill we decided to walk through the forest and admire the nice scenery.

The river of Kalopanayiotis had water running through despite the fact it hasn't rained in Cyprus for a long time. The water comes from a big underground source which provides water throughout the year!

We followed the natural trail and we crossed the river going deeper into the forest. The plantation is quite impressive as you can find a good variety of trees and flowers growing there.

At some points the trail gets very narrow and a bit slippery from the autumn leafs on the ground. Non the less it as an exciting root to take at this time of the year.

After about 15 minutes walk, the trail became a lot easier for us to pass and the scenery begun to change. Now we were surrounded by pine trees.                        

The sun reappeared and we were getting closer to the main road. At the finish point we were just a few meters away from the beautiful monastery of "Ioannis Lambadistis"!

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