Monday, 7 October 2013

The settlement of old Apliki, Nicosia

The settlement of old Apliki  

Exploring the old settlement of Apliki was very fascinating for us as we did not even know its existence.

The old settlement is located further inside the mountains from the new settlement. It mainly consists of destroyed houses dating back hundreds of years ago.

It was clear for us that the population had moved many decades ago to say the least. As many of the abandoned villages we came across in Cyprus, Apliki was built near a river. Water was the most important component for a settlement for thousands of years now.

As we later learned the settlement was probably destroyed by an earthquake. Access from the main road is easy but the plantation does not leave much room to move around.

It is a positive thing though to see that the people who live at Apliki have renovated the old Church. Perhaps a few more renovations will make this place more easy to access and attract visitors to see it.

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