Monday, 21 October 2013

The Church of Saint Kyriaki, Agros village, Pitsilia area, Nicosia

 The Church of Saint Kyriaki at Agros village 

I cannot count the times that I have visited Agros. I have been doing so since I was born! I have many relatives leaving at Agros and it is a pleasure visiting them as often as I can.

One sunny Sunday we decided to visit my mother's uncle Alexandros at his house at Agros. He has retired there with his wife after a long time leaving and working in Nicosia.

Alexandros and his wife Aliki (along with their children) have constructed a nice small church outside Agros which we were visiting for the first time. The Church of Saint Kyriaki.

Kyriaki was the mother of Alexandros and my mother's father Vasos. The Church was constructed in 1993 and is dedicated to the memory of Aliki's father who was a priest (Papachristodoulos Avgousti). Papachristodoulos was living in Agros and was an important figure of the 1955-1959 struggle of EOKA.

The Church is located in a beautiful spot with a great view towards the mountains of Limassol. As we also learned many have used the Church for ceremonies like weddings and Christenings. The Church is usually locked but the key can be found at Alexandros house near by.

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